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Our Custom Home Package

House Package

At Kunaal Construction limited, custom home package will be carefully selected to give you more house plan and home design options and the best value house kit available.

It contains the construction drawings and building materials needed to get your custom home to the important “lock-up” stage – or the point at which you can close and lock the door on your home and have a secure, weatherproof structure.

Not all home package or home kit suppliers are the same, anymore than all car manufacturers are the same. With our custom home package, you get the superior materials you need to achieve the best result building the structure of your home.

You also get:

  • - help with the home design concepts of your project and the development of a realistic price and budget
  • - pre-engineered home building drawings for all home packages
  • - the ability to source a wide range of hi-line lumber, premium western red cedar, pine and douglas fir, superior structural materials, and high quality components at lower than retail prices
  • - products designed to be as low-maintenance and eco-friendly as possible
  • - the option to include foundation home building drawings

The Kunaal Construction custom home package – together with our proven home building system – provides everything you need to build an energy-efficient, quality custom home at the best possible price.

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